Wyre Forest Roof Truss
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  • Trusses induce huge savings in carpentry time on site. It eliminates a big portion of the skilled cutting and lining through associated with traditional roof construction.
  • Trusses increase the technical possibilities within a structure and due to their unique design, can often eliminate the need for additional internal load bearing walls or even steel beams, ensuring further savings.
  • Trusses are made out of up to  40% less timber than traditionally constructed roofs.
  • All of the trusses designed come complete with a set of structural calculations which will satisfy building control. So no need for an expensive set of structural engineers calculations.   
  • Trusses are made out of top grade timber often not found at regular timber merchants. Tr26 is specifically graded for trussed rafter design and is stronger than C16/24
  • Trusses are tailor made to individuals requirements and thus result in less site wastage.
  • They save space on site with no need for timber storage or carpentry areas.
  • Trusses are designed to carry a wide range of ceiling and roof coverings.
  • Thanks to all of the above, huge savings can be made overall, from using roof trusses as opposed to a traditional hand cut roof.
Unique industry specific software from Gang Nail is used to design the trusses to BS5268 Part 3


SOME EXAMPLES OF ROOF TRUSS SHAPES (other bespoke shapes can be created)